“What field are you thinking of pursuing?”

This question was asked by my friend Drew from IG (@drewbig5), and I felt that it was worthy of writing a blog post about!

To be honest, I have no idea anymore! Initially (way back in seventh grade), I wanted to be a dermatologist. Ask anyone: I still love chopping off moles and skin tags, draining cysts, and scooping out black heads. But I am also totally open to other fields, such as orthopedics, family medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, emergency medicine, and so many others.

There are more than 120 specialities and subspecialties in medicine, according to this website: https://www.aamc.org/cim/specialty/exploreoptions/list/. So, you can probably imagine why it’s so hard to decide right away, LOL!

The good news is this: I don’t really have to make up my mind about a specialty until my third or fourth year of medical school! (Residencies begin taking applications during mid-July between third & fourth year, so you should know your specialty by then. Match Day for residencies is sometime in March during your fourth year of medical school). So until then, I’m going to remain open-minded. 🙂

Nevertheless, I am very interested in working with people. I like the idea of having to regularly do minor surgeries like cyst and mole removals, which may lead me to dermatology, family medicine, or something else completely. I also discovered my love for endocrinology after having taken Biochemistry 120 at UC Riverside with Dr. Richard Luben and Dr. Jefferson Perry. I’m also totally fond of emergency medicine after having volunteered in Redlands Community Hospital. Again, so many options–all fantastic, exciting, and rewarding!

I hope this thoroughly answers your question & leaves you smarter and better-looking, as my dad might say. 😉