Just completed my Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form!

Thankfully, UCR Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) covers its undergraduate students upon graduation until the next quarter. Since I graduated in Spring, I’m covered til the start of Fall quarter–which isn’t until September 23rd!!

So, I was able to get all of my requirements satisfied for “free” (covered with my UCR tuition). I’m so glad.

Three vaccinations and two titers later, I’m ready to go! Thank God that my parents kept my medical records from when I was a baby so that I didn’t have to get more than that done!!

Important note: Get started on this form right away if you’re an incoming freshman like me. It takes a couple of weeks to get everything in place (paperwork, vaccinations, titers, etc.), and it takes time to get everything approved. LLU Student Health told me that my student account should be updated in 24-72 business hours. In other words, I’d be lucky if my account is updated one week from today (yikes!).